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nemir 10.01.14
Поцани что делать, я зохожу кс на сервак и меня через пару минут начинат выкидывать из игри.
Что делать???


Kamren 26.04.16
You should pay her by the room. If you pay her by the hour..whats stopping her from taking 5 or 6 hours to clean the house when it may only take 2-4…you should def pay by the room and write her a check and put it in an envelope on the kitchen counter if you do not see her as she cl#0as&e823n;For your size house I would give her between $150-$200 for the entire house to be cleaned and scrubbed. If she just does light cleaning and vacuuming I would give her about $100

Nibby 25.04.16
This is the time of the year I do a lot of reading, study. That is why I returned to your web site, its dark by 6pm. Perfect time to further my knlgoedwe about the natural world.

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